Psalm 9:18- But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish

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Meet the Hospital Administrative Team

Mr.  Patrick Mantor is the administrator for Ganta United Methodist Hospital.  Click here to meet the administrative team.


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Bishop John G. Innis

Our dear Bishop John G. Innis frequents our hospital with words of encouragement for our staff.  We are thankful for his continuing support and guidance.

Comprehensive 2015 Statistics

This is our impact on Nimba county for 2015. Through God’s grace we have been able to achieve many things!


Total Outpatient Visits


Total Deliveries/Births




Laboratory Encounters

Together, we CAN!

Ganta Hospital’s compassionate and comprehensive community based health care ministry is why struggling communities are transformed into empowered communities, why we can Imagine No Malaria, and why even in the midst of limited resources, people can hope!