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June 8, 2015

Dear Partners and Friends,


Greetings from Ganta United Methodist Hospital family in Ganta, Liberia, West Africa where we are very happy to be Ebola free!  Thank you for your prayers and support to the ministry during the dark days of Ebola and even until now.

profile pmantor


My name is Patrick Mangbenie Mantor and I am humbled to be the Administrator of Ganta United Methodist Hospital since May 4, 2015.  The previous Interim Administrator, Mrs. Nora Keah-Sandi, is our Associate Administrator.  I am happy to have Nora on my team.


Ganta Hospital is not new to me.  My basic nursing education was at the Winifred J. Harley School of Nursing (located at Ganta Mission).  Since then, I’ve served in many roles ranging from Floor Nurse to Nursing Services Director, Associate Administrator and now, Administrator.  Moreover, I have the experience of working as a nurse clinician/charge nurse for many years in hospitals in North Carolina and Georgia, USA. My undergraduate nursing education was at Cuttington University in Liberia and my graduate education was in health services administration at the University of Indianapolis in Indiana, USA.   Over the years I’ve felt called to serve Ganta Hospital.  These combined experiences have prepared me for my current leadership role.  I am committed to be a good steward of the resources placed in my care.  Along with my administrative team, we join our staff in sharing our excitement for this opportunity to utilize our collective God-given talents/gifts to provide quality, but affordable healthcare.



Now that we have been declared Ebola free, a national day of celebration is slated for June 22.  All health facilities and other organizations that were involved in the fight against Ebola have been listed to be honored.  Ganta Hospital will be honored on that day and, in our hearts, you will also be honored because of your support that enabled us remain open to the public and to play a vital leadership role with Ebola response in our region.


              The Ebola recovery plans we have for Ganta Hospital are:

  • Improving general sanitation by using the national Infection Prevention and Control ( IPC) standard.
  • Expanding and developing community-based health services
  • Refurbishing the physical structure to include: re-roofing, interior and exterior painting, plumbing system, and general floor and wood work.
  • Identifying and gradually putting in self-sustaining services such as: drug revolving fund system, improving lab and x-ray services, OB/GYN services (maternal and child health), etc.



Ours is one of only three hospitals in Nimba County, serving a population of about 600,000, including villages along the Liberia/Guinea/Ivory Coast borders.   We are a major referral center with over ninety years of experience.

We are located in a growing commercial city of Ganta, with a population of 50,000.

The following treatment areas/services are provided: Out Patient/Ambulatory Care Clinic, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, HIV/Aids Clinic, Community-Based Primary Health Care, Orthopedic Clinic, Surgical Services, X-ray and Ultrasonography services, Emergency/ Triage, Laboratory, Prenatal Clinic, Labor and Delivery and In-patient Wards.



Comfort’s Story

My name is Comfort Somah, a registered nurse.  When I was a young girl, I was sick and admitted to a hospital for three months.  One of the doctors, Dr. Lydia, cared for me and we became friends.  She impressed me as someone who cared deeply for the welfare of patients under her care. After I was discharged from the hospital, I had frequent dreams where I saw myself as a medical doctor working in a health facility.  My parents encouraged my dream and pledged to support me.  As soon as I graduated from high school at age 17, as I anticipated entering college, there came the civil crisis that killed my dreams and my joy.  My parents lost their jobs.  Schools closed. I sat for nine years with no education awaiting this trouble to be over.

On April 25, 2004, my uncle who lived in America came for a visit.  He agreed to sponsor me in college and I happily opted to study nursing.  I felt I could provide the bedside care and nurture that gave me hope just as I experienced when I was sick.  He agreed to sponsor me in college and I entered the Cuttington University in 2005, as a nursing student.  Today, I am happy to be part of the Ganta Hospital family where I serve as Acting Nursing Services Director and Diabetes Clinic Supervisor.  My duties keep me busy but I am thankful to God for good health and strength to do my work.  Please pray along with me for resources to strengthen the Diabetes Clinic to fulfill the needs of the diabetes patients.


Sundeep’s Story

My name is Dr. Sundeep Franklin.  I am a native of India and serving as a dentist at Ganta Hospital. Ganta United

Methodist Mission Hospital is a constant reminder for me of God’s presence on earth. The hospital, more specifically the Dental Department and the Dental Therapist Program, has been my motivation to come back again after Ebola crisis in Ganta, Liberia. Being a Christian, the question “Why am I here in Liberia” strikes me as it does every believer serving in different parts of the world. The answers to this question came and knocked at the door of Ganta Hospital Dental Clinic once again in the form of a patient called Kou Dolo. Kou came to the dental clinic along with her 2-month old baby. Kou was 5 month pregnancy when she presented to the ER with a respiratory arrest, due to what I diagnosed as Ludwig’s Agina to her lower 3rd molar. Emergency space drainage was done for her at our dental clinic with supportive IV medication; along with extraction of the offending tooth and aggressive oral physiotherapy as an attempt to reopen her mouth. She was admitted and discharged after 20 days in a healthy condition.  Today, when I took her baby in my arms, it came to mind again that this angel wouldn’t be here if Ganta Hospital Dental Clinic was not established to do treatment for Kou Dolo. Ganta Hospital Dental Clinic stands firm and ever ready to provide quality dental care and service to all patients – Kou Dolo and all others in Liberia and the bordering countries that need our help. As a believer, I thank God every day for bringing me here and being his vessel to serve the people in Liberia.



Dr.Albert G. Willicor (, Advance # 15151Z, is a Global Ministries missionary assigned as Chief Medical Officer for Ganta Hospital.  Affectionately called “Doc”, he is one of the success pillars of Ganta Hospital.



It is both humbling and encouraging to experience God’s goodness and faithfulness as we respond to the health care needs of subsistence farming families. Quality, but affordable, health care in resource challenged facilities such as ours is only possible through faithful partners who pray for us and provide materials, supplies, resources, site-visits, and funds.  Below is a summary of our services from January through May, 2015:

                              Data Summaries from Jan-May 2015

# Data Description 2015 Total
1. Out Patient Clinic visits (including Eye clinic) 10676
2. Total in-patient bed admission 1825
4. Total births (babies delivered) 442
5. Surgeries 593
6. Dental services 364
7. Orthopedic services 529
8. X-ray examination 218
9 HIV tests done 550
10 HIV test positive 20
11 Total persons that accessed  lab 7273
12 Diabetes clinic 201



We invite you to support our Ganta Hospital Advance Special #15080N.

Please consider coming as a volunteer and share your presence and expertise which strengthen our health care delivery. We love hosting you and building long lasting relationships.


  1. Use Global Ministries’ website:  to electronically send a donation for our project support, Ganta Hospital Advance Special #15080N and/or Dr. Albert Willicor’s salary support (#15151Z).
  2. You may also mail a check to your local United Methodist Church or conference office; or directly to Global Ministries.  Write “Albert Willicor, Advance # 15151Z”  or “Ganta Hospital Advance #15080N” on the memo line of your check and mail to:

Advance GCFA

P.O. Box 9068

New York, NY 10087-9068. 


I look forward to hear from you.  Thanks always for reaching out with words of support and encouragement, financial gifts and material donations.  I am thankful for all our partners and to our dear Bishop, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis, our UMC leadership staff, and our UMC Health Board leadership for all the support and confidence rendered me. Together, our mission can be fulfilled.  May the good Lord bless all of you!!

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