Update: New Incinerator

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Waste has been an ongoing challenge for us.  With our own resources, we were able to only construct crude, temporary ground based waste disposal pits.  These pits are not environmentally friendly nor are they consistent with national and international sanitation standards.  But, it was the best we could do.

In recent years, local organizations like Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) and Mr. Siegfried Ziegler, the Rotary Clubs in Chemnitz Germany and Bethanien Chemintz stepped in to strengthen our efforts by providing funding to improve our waste disposal system.   We need these improved methods  to accommodate the volume of waste produced on a daily basis in our struggle to provide health care in a resource poor setting among a rapidly increasing population.   The provision of an electric incinerator from our German partners assures us that together, with the help and support of partners, resource challenged facilities like Ganta Hospital CAN meet international safety and sanitation standards!

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